CODA has completed numerous Property Condition Assessments, Environmental Site Assessments and Construction Monitoring services for Office/Warehouse Distribution Center properties ranging in size from 30,000 SF to more than 1,000,000 SF, located in most major and secondary U.S. markets, as well as in Canada and Mexico.  Our staff of seasoned professionals provides our clients with an in depth perspective on the condition of the subject property, its standing within the requirements of the local municipality having jurisdiction, and/or an analysis of the municipal requirements for the development of the subject parcel.

The properties CODA has worked on have ranged from simple to complex sites and structures; some have dealt with retained/engineered soils, on-site sink holes, and unusual structural systems.  The properties varied in condition from recently constructed to 40 years or more in age. Some of the assets required an analysis as to their serviceability/continued use or potential demolition. We provide our clients with the salient information required to decide what their options are, and which might best serve their immediate and long term needs.

Refrigerated Warehouse, Carson CA

CODA performed a Property Condition Assessment for a refrigerated warehouse in Carson, California.  The facility had a gross area of 175,000 SF, with 84,000 SF of freezer space, 35,500 SF of refrigerated and USDA process areas, and a large central plant for the refrigeration system.  The facility was originally constructed in 1974 with renovations completed over the years.

Aerospace Manufacturing

CODA performed a Property Condition Assessment for an aerospace manufacturing facility in suburban Chicago, Illinois.  The building had a gross area of 201,000 SF including approximately 10,000 SF of office space.  The facility included a large climate controlled manufacturing space with process equipment and heat treating areas.  The facility was originally constructed in 1974 with a major renovation in 1994.

CODA’s reports are customized to our client's needs and desires. Additionally, we work with you from the inception of the project or portfolio to after the submittal of our draft report.  We will work with you until you are satisfied with our end product to ensure that it addresses your needs for the property.

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