What if an engineering firm acted more like a small business?  What if that small business treated its clients more like customers?  And what if those customers were provided with customized and creative solutions tailored to their specific needs?

With these concepts in mind, CODA Consulting Group, LLC was formed.  Recognizing that clients would no longer tolerate the historical model of traditional due diligence firms - impersonal relationships and reluctance to embrace and utilize technology to name a few - an innovative methodology for the new economy was born.  CODA has a nationwide network of more than 35 staff and consultants to serve our clients on individual projects and portfolios.  We run projects with teams of licensed professionals possessing the specific expertise required for each project.  CODA's teams typically consist of Architects, Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing Engineers, Structural Engineers and Vertical Transportation Specialists.  Other specialized consultants such as Roofing Evaluators, Geologists, Paving Specialists, Water Proofing Consultants and Sound/Noise Consultants, are engaged as required by the scope of work. 

We are your property solution to your real estate needs.



3023 S. University Dr., Suite 220, Fort Worth, Texas 76109
Toll Free: 855-849-CODA (2632) • Fax: 817-500-9084
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