CODA Consulting Group, LLC provides quality independent, engineering and environmental consulting with an emphasis on client service to national real estate professionals, lenders, building owners, real estate advisors and managers.  Over the years, our staff has had the opportunity to work with a variety of different real estate entities in the evaluation of existing properties, as well as in the planning, design, and implementation of repairs, upgrades or retrofits.  We also have represented owners during  the  planning,  design  and  construction  of  new  facilities.    As  we  have  been involved with some of the countryʼs  largest real  estate transactions, and have been tasked to perform under short transaction schedules, our staff is accustomed to overcoming rigorous timing demands while exceeding our clientsʼ expectations.

We have embarked on a process of continuous improvement designed to maintain the quality of our service and people at the top levels of our industry. CODA will continuously strive to achieve the following goals:

  • To fully understand our clientsʼ needs and to communicate our approach and perform our work to our clientsʼ satisfaction with a goal of exceeding their expectations. It is our mission to make every client a permanent client by establishing a "partnership"  relationship.
  • Attract and retain the best people available for our business areas. We train our staff, organize them into effective teams, recognize their accomplishments, and empower them to do what it takes to continuously improve the quality of our services.
  • Foster an environment of innovative and pragmatic problem-solving, with a focus on efficient and high-quality results designed to help our clients meet their goals and create real business value.
  • Foster an atmosphere of integrity and ethical conduct in all of our relationships.
3023 S. University Dr., Suite 220, Fort Worth, Texas 76109
Toll Free: 855-849-CODA (2632) • Fax: 817-500-9084
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