CODA can be an extension of your staff and assist with any of your property assessment and evaluation needs. CODA’s professionals, architects and engineers, are dedicated to serving real estate managers, owners, corporations and lenders in evaluating their acquisition, development, construction, maintenance and capital improvement-related projects.

Seismic Evaluations - 

consist of evaluating a property’s structural components to assess the structural condition of the building improvements as they relate to anticipated probable loss projected to occur during a maximum seismic event relative to property value.  CODA can prepare the Scenario Expected Loss (SEL) and/or a Scenario Upper Loss (SUL) value, these evaluations are based on site geology, building construction, attenuation of ground shaking, probability of occurrence and the magnitude of the anticipated seismic event.  Insurance carriers use these SEL and SUL values to determine premiums.  Recent developments in the seismology community may allow the threshold values to decrease with no other change to the building, which would consequently reduce the cost of the insurance premiums for owners.  We routinely assist clients with the evaluation of seismic risk during the acquisition of an asset, and/or evaluation of a portfolio of properties, while trying to renegotiate the insurance coverage of an existing portfolio.

Curtain Wall Assessments - 

include meeting with the building management and engineering personnel, reviewing available drawings and reports relating to the exterior cladding systems, visual observations of the systems to the extent possible from ground level and roof areas, and examining representative interior spaces.  A close-up review of the exterior walls can be performed by full-height rappelling or by swing stage, if accessible, to customize specialty assessments and evaluate exterior wall components.  Our services are directed at helping our clients minimize the risk of ownership.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Fair Housing Amendments Act (FHAA) Surveys -

are based on a walk-through of the property, including observations and measurements of applicable physical elements, and  an evaluation of the facility’s compliance with the accessibility guidelines of Title III of the ADA and the requirements of the FHAA (if applicable). Our report consists of an ADA Barriers Checklist, ANSI standard, that includes a list of requirements for physical elements of the site and building, our opinion as to the compliance status of the listed elements, notes regarding conditions, comments and recommendations pertaining to elements considered to be barriers to accessibility, and estimated probable costs to eliminate identified barriers to accessibility. CODA can help with assessing a property for compliance with the design criteria of the ADA and FHAA (depending on the property type) regarding access by persons with disabilities. The Americans with Disabilities Act and Fair Housing Amendments Act were enacted circa 1990 and continue to be a "hot buttons" when evaluating a property. CODA can conduct a cursory review or develop a management program for compliance with the ADA and FHAA. During the review, we look at the site elements, parking, entry, restrooms and all public spaces for compliance, should we find any non-conformities, CODA will discuss possible corrections and costs associated with any work required.
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